Fire Dept. Personnel



The duties of this position include fire fighting, fire prevention, emergency rescue and emergency medical services. The position requires a high level of training for fire fighting activities. Volunteers are required to learn and participate in the operation of equipment and apparatus, and the performance of hazardous tasks under emergency conditions, which may require strenuous exertion in environments involving smoke, fire, heat and cramped surroundings. In addition to fire fighting and emergency rescue, primary duties include participation in drills and classes studying techniques and procedures for fire fighting emergency rescue, emergency medical response, and response to hazardous materials incidents. The duties of this position are performed under the general supervision of the Fire Chief or other Officers of the Fire District.




           Fire Department Personnel

           Officers Radio #
Brandon Watson   Chief   524  
Robbie Shrewsberry   Deputy Assistant Chief   1124  
Steve Walton   Assistant Chief   1224  
Gary Brooks   Traffic Captain   1324  
Bryan Osborne   Rescue Captain   1424  
Mike Ritchey   Fire Captain   1524  
Chelsea Kirby   Lieutenant   1624  
Vacant   Lieutenant   1724  
Vacant   Lieutenant   1824  
Vacant   Safety   1924
Doyle Boyles   Firefighter/EMT    
Sean Sharzynsk Firefighter/EMT    
Jeff Swart   Firefighter/EMT      
Michal Brock   Firefighter/EMT      
Marty Dodson   Firefighter/MR      
Preston Hood   Firefighter/EMT      
Dale Mabe   Firefighter/MR   2024  
Caleb Nelson   Firefighter/EMT    
Justin Owens   Firefighter/EMT   1724  
Jerry Priddy   Firefighter/MR   2124  
Cody Pruitt   Firefighter/EMT      
Brandon Watson   Firefighter/EMT      
Mickey Watson   Firefighter   2224  
Josh Woods   Firefighter/EMT
Wayne Eller
Jared Chapman
Tim Rogers
Josh Underwood
Brandon Worrell
Junior Firefighters